Some videos of the kayaking we like to do


Below are some videos of a few of our kayaking trips. We hope you enjoy them.


We are either in the videos, or we recorded video for them.


Mendocino (June 2023)


On The Water (June 2021)


The Flip Side (July 2020)


OOPS Presentation (various dates, compilation of other videos)


AOx3 (May 2019)


Rocks are Hard (August 2018)


Just Add Water


Om Mani Padme OMG!


An Odd Year


Sixteen Point Six

This one is about two of our paddling friends.


The O’Brien Factor

November 11, 2015. Winny and Mark were on this paddle, we but don’t show up in the video (except for very brief appearances in the background). This was a very fun day.


IDH - Rocking the Ages with Neptune’s Rangers Ocean Whitewater kayakers


Mendocino, California

This is one of our favorite kayaking places.


Bad Reputation (Just outside the Golden Gate Bridge)


Franklin Point (half way between Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay)


Garrapata Beach to Bixby Bridge (south of Monterey)

Winny and Mark are visible in a few scenes in the distance. We are not easy to see.


Another Mendocino video