Our United Kingdom trip
April 22 - May 2, 2004

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Mark spent a day visiting Stonehenge


We spent a day touring London. The photos below are near Big Ben.



A famous church in London.


The photo below shows one of the rooms where Churchill ran the country and made war plans during WW 2.


The photo below was taken not far from our motel in Reading.


A photo somewhere in London.


This is a tiny fraction of the castle where the King and Queen live. This is where the King of England first heard about the Boston Tea party.


The photo below is of a Roman bath, heated from a hot spring. It is in the town of Bath. The Romans knew how to live a good life. It also had saunas.


This is an old sailing ship. It has cannons on 3 lower decks and on the main deck. The stern area has 3 levels, each has a room about the size of the living room in our small California house.


On the last day we met with Winny's parents. This is a group photo with her parents and her sister (and family).



And 2 days later, a trip to New Orleans

Two days after getting back from the United Kingdom I went to New Orleans to meet Winny one of her business trips. The photo below shows the night life on Bourbon Street.


This is me in the Mardi Gras museum, with part of a parade float.


The End

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