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Nepal Vacation
October 18 - November 8, 2007

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Our ride back to Kathmandu
November 7, 2007

We get up early on November 7 and start our journey back to Kathmandu.

One last early morning view from the viewing platform.

We ride the 4-wheel drive jeep back to the river.

Once at the river we get back in the wooden canoe.

We are pushed up river by two men with poles. They stay near shore where it is shallow. When it is time to cross the river they switch to paddles.

Some local fishermen in a dugout canoe.

Some other locals carrying supplies across the river.

Once we get across the river we get in a small car and ride for 1-1/2 hours through the countryside where we are dropped off. From there we wait for a bus. The bus takes about 6 hours to get us back to Kathmandu.

We pass many small villages while on our bus ride.

Another small village along the way. We arrive in Kathmandu late in the day.

Kathmandu to San Jose, CA
November 8, 2007

On November 8 we rode a taxi from our motel to the Kathmandu airport. After 18 hours of flight time, plus additional time in airports for layovers, we are back home. We arrive home at 10:30 PM.


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