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Nepal Vacation
October 18 - November 8, 2007

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More views from Chitwan National Park
November 6, 2007

Today we took another elephant ride to look for wildlife. This time we rode over 2-1/2 hours. 

We rode through deep-water channels in the swampy areas.

And we rode through grasslands and jungle.

We followed the river in some areas.

And crossed the water in others. Notice the dugout canoe.

This is the end of the elephant ride. 

The elephants head home without us.

Some locals going fishing.

At the end of the elephant ride we took a half-hour wooden canoe ride down the river looking for crocodiles. 

After the canoe ride down the river we got picked up by 4-wheel drive jeeps to be taken back to the lodge.

This is a view from the viewing platform near the lodge.

From the viewing platform you can see rhinoceros eating next to shore, or walking through the water. It is difficult to see, but there are 3 rhinoceros in this photo (one is in the foreground, one is in the water on the far shoreline on the left side of the photo, and the other is in the grass next to it).

Another view.