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Nepal Vacation
October 18 - November 8, 2007

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While in Kathmandu we met a man named Kul (Kul Bahadur Gurung) from Alliance Treks & Expedition, Ltd. ( He was very knowledgeable about activities in Nepal and helped us with our decision to travel to Chitwan National Park. He arranged all of our transportation to the national park, and helped us get last-minute reservations at the Temple Tiger Lodge. He got us the whole package at a very reasonable price. He also arranges the usual treks. We recommend him if you need the types of services he provides. His email is: .

Travel to Chitwan National Park
November 5, 2007

On November 5 we travel 10 minutes by foot, 6 hours by bus, 1-1/2 hours by van, 20 minutes in an old wooden canoe, and 15 minutes in a 4-wheel drive jeep to the Temple Tiger Lodge in Chitwan National Park.

This is the 4-wheel drive jeep that got us from the boat to the lodge.

The roads were often muddy and always bumpy.

The bridges looked kind of scary.

This is the hut we stayed at for two nights. We are in the middle of the jungle.

This is the inside.

Late in the afternoon we take a 2-hour elephant ride through the jungle to look for wildlife. 

On our elephant ride we see wild rhinoceros.

Another one.

Two other guests on an elephant in front of us.

This is the common area at the lodge. There is a fireplace in the center.

This is the building where we had our meals.

Dinner in the jungle.