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Nepal Vacation
October 18 - November 8, 2007

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Day 2 of our trek
October 25, 2007

We cross another bridge as we leave Phakding in the morning. The first 8 people are part of our group.

A view of Phakding from farther up the trail.

A stop at another tea house for a break.

Another bridge.

This is a long one.

The same bridge from farther up the trail. There are yaks crossing it. Can you see them?

A closer view of the yaks crossing the bridge.

More yaks carrying supplies. (Note: True yaks have longer hair. I have photos of them later.)

Lunch at another tea house.

Lots of people crossing a bridge.

A very high bridge on the way to Namche Bazaar.

Another view. From here the trail is very steep to Namche Bazaar.

We get our first view of Mt. Everest on the steep part of the trail.

Relaxing in a tea house in Namche Bazaar. We spend two nights here to help us get acclimated. The elevation is 11,188 ft.