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Nepal Vacation
October 18 - November 8, 2007

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Photos by Mark Berger and Winny van Veeren

The beginning of our trip

We depart San Jose airport on October 18, 2007. We have a layover in Los Angeles, then fly Thai Airways across the 
Pacific to Bangkok, Thailand, and then to Kathmandu, Nepal. We arrive on October 20, 2007 (after crossing the 
international date line).

Our first days in Kathmandu
October 20-23, 2007

We arrive in Kathmandu on October 20. This is a view of downtown from the top of our hotel.


The top of a temple with lots of prayer flags.


Local transportation.


Vendors selling fruit from their bicycles.


More local transportation (3-wheel buses).


Vendors selling marigolds (small flowers).


Just outside of a temple.


More local transportation - the whole family on a motorcycle.


The streets of downtown Kathmandu are narrow. There are people, bicycles, motorcycles, 
and taxies, all going in different directions. There are street vendors as well.