Our hike up Mt. Shasta to the Hotlum Glacier
Labor Day weekend
(8/30/02 to 9/2/02)

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Winny and I drive to Redding Friday evening. We arrive at our motel at about 11:30 PM. We get up early Saturday morning and drive to the base of the mountain. By the time we are there and ready to start our hike it is almost noon.

We arrive at our camp at about 4:30 PM. It was a long climb, so we just stay around camp for the evening. Our camp is at 10,500 ft elevation. We started at 7,000 ft.

On Sunday morning we have breakfast, then start hiking up towards the Hotlum Glacier. Along the way we saw four climbers practicing crevasse rescue in a wide and shallow crevasse.

Winny adjusts her crampons before getting on the rough part of the glacier.

Mark on the edge of the glacier. Much of what you see is solid ice and very hard.

Winny near the edge of the glacier.

The ice and snow gets a very interesting texture in some areas.

The lower parts of the glacier are interesting to walk through. The glacier is mostly solid ice in this area.

It's difficult to see clearly in the photo, but there is a small stream flowing over the surface. There are many of these small streams on the lower portion of the glacier.



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