Our hike up Mt. Shasta to the Hotlum Glacier
Labor Day weekend
(8/30/02 to 9/2/02)

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Mark checks out a small waterfall pouring into a crevasse.

Winny walking around a crevasse.

We are off the glacier now, but still on a large snowfield. We are almost back at our camp. The top of Mt. Shasta is visible in the distance (over 14,000 ft elevation).

Relaxing back at our camp.

This is our last night at our camp. On Monday morning we will begin our hike back to the car.

Monday morning we have breakfast and pack, then start our hike back to the car.

 Hiking down is a lot easier than up, but it's still a long way back. It is especially hard for Winny because she was fighting a cold through the entire trip, and she isn't feeling well today.

It was a fun weekend (except for the cold Winny caught).


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