Some photos from my climb of Mt Shasta
July 2000
(2 weeks before our Alaska vacation)

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View of Mt Shasta from a distance

On my first day I climbed to Hellen Lake (about 10,000 ft). I camped here overnight, then left at 3:50 AM for my climb to the summit. My tent is the blue one (a one-person tent).

Watching the morning shadow of the mountain as I climb. I have already been climbing for a while, so I'm pretty high up. Someone set up a yellow tent near the bottom of the avalanche.

A view of the summit from the summit plateau. I'm almost there.

A view from the summit. Other climbers are visible in the snow.

Still on the summit. Looking down at the hot springs where John Muir spent the night in a snowstorm. The hot springs are in the gray area just left of the center of the image.

Another view of Sastina, with the top of the Whitney Glacier below it.

A view of Shastina (a smaller volcanic peak along the side of Mt Shasta).

On the summit (over 14,000 ft).

Another view from the summit.

A closer view of some of the bubbling puddles and fumeroles.

This is where I started my glissade. 2,000 vertical feet of fun. Wow! What a ride! Going down sure is a lot easier. It gets pretty steep once you get through the opening in the rocks. An ice axe is a must.

One final view of the summit as I approach the parking area.

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