Union and Utica Reservoir Kayak Trip (July 27-28)


Hiking in Yosemite (August 3-4)

Winny paddling in a narrow channel in Utica Reservoir. The channel was fairly long and a lot of fun to paddle through.

Continuing through the same narrow channel.

Approaching the end of the channel where it joins the main part of the lake.

Winny exploring the lake.

The next weekend we went to Yosemite. On August 3 we hiked the North Dome trail to 
get a view of Half Dome from the opposite side of the valley. The views were great.

We took a short detour along the trail and went to Indian Point. There was a natural arch near the top of the point.

The next day (August 4) we hiked to Cathedral Lakes. We had lunch at one of the lakes, not far from where 
this photo was taken. After lunch we hiked off trail over the mountain pass, just to the right of the peak in the 
photo. There was another beautiful mountain lake on the other side, in the next valley. The lake on the other 
side was more private since there weren't any official trails to it. We didn't finish the last roll of film, so
we don't have photos of that lake yet.

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