June Lake Area
Memorial Day Weekend
May 29 - June 1, 2004

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On our way to the June Lake area we drove over Sonora Pass. There is still lots of snow in the mountains.


Our first stop was Bodie, an old ghost town east of the Sierra. It is now a state park. It used to be a gold mining town.





On Sunday we decide to see if we can make it to Robert's Lake. The lake is over 10,000 ft elevation, and it's a long way in, so we aren't sure if we can make it. We are on the trail at 7:00 AM. The photo below shows a tram that carries supplies up to a reservoir in the mountains. We followed it part way up the mountain. This is a different trail than we took the last time we were here.


This was the most difficult part of the hike. We climbed up the snowfield in the valley between the two mountains. There is a trail there, but it is covered in snow. The snow is very steep and slippery, so it is very dangerous - even with ice axes. I climb up the snow, then find a safer way for Winny to get up along the rocks.


This is one of the many views once we got over 10,000 ft. The trail was covered in snow, so much of the hiking was with map, compass, and GPS.


A nice view along the way.



We made it as far as Clark Lakes. This is near where we camped when we came here the first time with Dad. We stopped here for lunch, but decided that it would be foolish to try to make it to Robert's Lake with the amount of time left in the day. It gets into the lower teens at night, and we wouldn't want to be stuck there if something went wrong. All the snow made our travels take longer than expected.


This is a view looking in the general direction of Robert's Lake, which is about 3 miles away.


Getting water for the hike back.


Another view on the way back. We took a different route down the mountain. It was longer and had more snow, but the snowfields weren't as steep, so it was easier and safer.

We were both pretty tired when we got back. It was a very long day of hiking (almost 11 hours), some parts without a trail.


On Sunday we went near Mono Lake and tried to find some Indian arrowheads. We found lots of obsidian that had been used for other purposes, including some small scrapers, but no arrowheads.

The End

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