Hawaii Vacation

June 9-16, 2001

June 9-10 (Sunday/Monday)
Turtles, petroglyphs, and lava tubes

On our first day we went snorkeling with sea turtles.

After snorkeling, we went to see some petroglyphs carved into some old lava flows.

The petroglyphs are hard to see in this photo (look near the lower right). There are hundreds of them. A close-up is shown in the photo below.

We saw this tree on our second day. Winny is standing 
in front of it for perspective. Afterwards, we went 
exploring in an old lava tube (photo below).

Tree roots are hanging down from above


Turtles, petroglyphs, and lava tubes
Vocanoes National Park
A hike into a crater
A hike to view Pu'u O'o
The volcano is erupting!
The volcano is erupting! (more lava photos)
Footprints from 1790
More turtles, and a coral reef

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