Hawaii Vacation

June 9-16, 2001

June 14
Footprints left during the 1790 eruption (Ka'u Desert trail)

When the volcano erupted in 1790,  83 local warriors and families tried crossing this area and left
their footprints in the mud. They were all killed by a steam blast. Their footprints are still visible 
if you know where to look.

Three footprints on the left-center and three on the right center. 

Lots of footprints here (dark patches on clay surface)

Black sand in a footprint

Lots of footprints (the dark spots on the clay surface)


Turtles, petroglyphs, and lava tubes
Vocanoes National Park
A hike into a crater
A hike to view Pu'u O'o
The volcano is erupting!
The volcano is erupting! (more lava photos)
Footprints from 1790
More turtles, and a coral reef

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