Hawaii Vacation

June 9-16, 2001

June 11, 12, and 13
The volcano is erupting!

This is a place where lava covered the road. This is where we started our hike to view the lava.

The next series of photos shows the lava flowing. The close up shots required us to be fast so we could 
get away from the heat quickly. We went to view the lava three days in a row, usually from about 5:30 PM 
until about 10:00 PM.

This is the cliff that the main lava flow is coming over.

A late evening photo

A night photo


Turtles, petroglyphs, and lava tubes
Vocanoes National Park
A hike into a crater
A hike to view Pu'u O'o
The volcano is erupting!
The volcano is erupting! (more lava photos)
Footprints from 1790
More turtles, and a coral reef

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