Hawaii Vacation

June 9-16, 2001

June 14
A hike to view Pu'u O'o

Pu'u O'o is the name of the currently erupting vent. We took a hike to get a view. We saw some nice tree molds along the trail.

Winny checking out Tree Molds.  Tree molds form when lava engulfs a tree and later cools around it, forming
a crust.  Usually the tree burns out, leaving a hole in the lava, or a "tree mold."

A smaller tree mold, with a small tree still in it.

This is the closest view we had of the Pu'u O'o Vent, where the current lava flow comes from. The left side of the crater is visible. The right side is partly obscured by steam and smoke. Photos of the lava are on the next page.


Turtles, petroglyphs, and lava tubes
Vocanoes National Park
A hike into a crater
A hike to view Pu'u O'o
The volcano is erupting!
The volcano is erupting! (more lava photos)
Footprints from 1790
More turtles, and a coral reef

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