Hawaii Vacation

June 9-16, 2001

June 12
A hike into Kilauea Iki Crater

This crater last erupted in 1959. There is still molten lava a few hundred feet below the surface. 
Steam vents are visible all over its surface. We took a hike down into and across its surface.

Winny on the crater surface near a steam vent

Winny hiking along the crater surface. Note the steam vents on both sides of the photo.

Mark hiking along the surface

Mark feeling the temperature of the rocks on the surface. Most are hot due to the steam underground.

The rainforest above the crater is very hot and humid.


Turtles, petroglyphs, and lava tubes
Vocanoes National Park
A hike into a crater
A hike to view Pu'u O'o
The volcano is erupting!
The volcano is erupting! (more lava photos)
Footprints from 1790
More turtles, and a coral reef

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