Memorial Day Weekend

May 2002

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Ellery Lake, May 27, 2002

After we left the Mono Lake area, we decided to go to Saddlebag Lake, just East of Yosemite. Unfortunately, the road was snowed in a mile or so before the lake. We turned around and decided to go to Ellery Lake instead. Ellery Lake is just East of Tioga Pass at an elevation of about 9500 ft.

Mark near the base of a snowfield. This was one of our first views as we paddled out onto the lake. Yes, the water was cold, but we stayed warm and mostly dry.

Winny paddling near some overhanging snow

Winny near some large blocks of snow that fell in the lake

Mark enjoying the view

Winny paddles by, so Mark takes the same picture with her in it.

Winny paddling along the far shore.

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