Friday October 5

Friday morning we do a short cross country hike up the mountain and locate the trail to Island Pass. We take the trail all the way to the pass, where we find a small mountain lake with a nice view of Banner Peak. Mount Ritter is visible behind it. It is at approximately 10,200 ft elevation. 

View of Robert's Lake (click here for a larger version).

We take some photos, then head back to camp. When we return to camp, we pack up and start our hike to Garnet Lake. We find a perfect campsite and relax before going into the tent for the evening. We were snowed on briefly after climbing into the tent.

Winny and Mark enjoying the view at Garnet Lake. Mount Ritter and Banner Peak are in the background.

Winny doing the dishes

Another view from higher up

Our campsite at Garnet Lake


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