Arizona Vacation

December 22-29, 2002

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Wupatki Pueblo dwelling ruin: a house with many, many rooms.


Close-up of the Wupatki Ruin.  Notice how the Indians 
incorporated the natural rocks as walls for their house!


Winny in the evening sun in front of the Wukoki Pueblo
Ruin (also in Wupatki National Monument).  This used
to be a three-story house!


Mark at Casa Grande Ruins National Monument, another Indian dwelling approximately
50 miles southeast of Phoenix.  It is a lot warmer here (65F).

Close up of Winny and the Casa Grande Ruin.  The ruin is protected from the weather
by a structure with a roof.


Winny next to a Saguaro Cactus, which are quite
prevalent around Phoenix.


What a great trip and what a wonderful way to spend Christmas, even though it was 
much colder than we expected.


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